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Welcome , Selamat datang , 歡迎 , வணக்கம
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 Longman Advanced American Dictionary - Academic e-Tutor CD

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PostSubject: Longman Advanced American Dictionary - Academic e-Tutor CD   Sat May 23, 2009 12:25 pm

The Longman Advanced American Dictionary, with Longman Academic e-Tutor CD-ROM, helps your students achieve academic success by learning more independently and effectively. They will be able to understand even difficult terms from areas such as maths, economics and science because the dictionary's definitions are so clear and accurate. Your students can also improve their vocabulary by studying the new Thesaurus Boxes and extras

Teacher Support

* Get extra support in the classroom by downloading worksheets to teach dictionary skills from the Teacher's Corner on the CD-ROM
* Help your students learn independently by directing them to the Assessment Center on the CD-ROM

Clear Definitions

* Your students will always be able to understand the definitions - even for high-level academic and content area vocabulary. All definitions are written using only the 2000 words of the Longman Defining Vocabulary

87,000 examples

* Your students will understand the context of words and how they work together by reading the 87,000 corpus-based examples

Vocabulary building

* Thousands of terms from academic subjects such as science, economics, politics and English Language Arts

* Builds your students' vocabulary by including new Thesaurus boxes

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Longman Advanced American Dictionary - Academic e-Tutor CD
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